As a director, I have nearly a decade of experience creating narrative content for ads, promos, music videos, web series, and standalone shorts. I’m an expert at discovering creative solutions to build engaging and visually inventive stories within the constraints of any project.

My work has been featured on sites like Ain’t It Cool News, BoingBoing, and Huffington Post, and in publications like the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly magazine. My projects have won industry awards including Geekies and IAWTV, and have played at festivals across the USA and internationally.


For nearly four years I served as a producer for Nerd Alert on the TYT Network, creating three 22-minute episodes of the show per week, focused on bringing viewers an entertaining look at the latest news in all things nerdy. While episodes typically took a talk-show format, I often produced additional field segments, interviews, live streams, and other specialty content. I recently concluded a season as the Video Producer for Moviefone, creating weekly episodes of The Ms. Moviefone Show and Unscripted.



I love the creative challenge of editing - taking the puzzle pieces of raw footage and shaping them into a compelling narrative is always a thrill for me. For 6 years I’ve worked professionally as a video editor for digital media, editing in many different styles from talk shows to sizzle reels to traditional narrative. As a Senior Video Editor at TYT Network, I edited a dozen shows across the network including The Young Turks, Nerd Alert, PopTrigger, and What the Flick?!, serving as lead editor on five shows during my time there. I’ve also been contracted to edit video for Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Moviefone, and Disney Consumer Products, as well as my own creative narrative projects.